Active Guide-Tip™ 4/3.3F Diagnostic Catheters

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Active Guide-Tip – 4/3.3F Diagnostic Catheter: High density linear mapping with active-tip electrode.

Advantages of the 4/3.3F Catheters with Active Guide-Tip


  • Active tip electrode provides signal from most distal anatomy never before accessible

  • Tight electrode spacing allows for precise mapping and location of arrhythmia origin

  • Optimal for mapping of the LV Summit, Septal perforators, Middle Cardiac Vein, & Vein of Marshall

​Active Guide-Tip – 4/3.3F Guidewire Tip Catheter Specifications:

  • 4/3.3F

  • Guidewire Tip: 15mm/0.026”

  • Length: 120cm

  • Electrodes: 10 or 20

  • Electrode Spacing:  18-2-2-2mm, 18-2-5-2mm

  • Curve type: S (straight)