CS Reach™ Catheters

161228 CS Reach Deflection3_Side
161228 CS Reach Deflection_Side

CS Reach Catheters

  • Stable as a reference catheter during longer cases: 3D curve for "anchoring"

  • Construction design maintains handling characteristics throughout longer cases

  • Three-dimensional curve for improved access to CS from either the superior or inferior approach

  • Multi-plane curve allows for 90° approach to the CS os

  • Designed to permit improved passage through challenging coronary sinus anatomy: CS os displacement, Thesbian valve, Chiari network, cardiomyopathy

CS-Reach Catheter Specifications:

  • 5F or 6F

  • 110cm length

  • 10 electrodes

  • Multi-plane deflection

  • MPD-SL Curve

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CS Reach™ Catheter