CTI-Cath™ 6F & 7F Duo-decapolar Catheters

CTI Duo Catheter
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CTI-Cath Duo-Decapolar Catheters

  • Simultaneous HRA – CS recording with one single catheter

  • Excellent for differential pacing for bi-directional block confirmation during AFL ablation

  • Unique 6F design: ideal for smaller anatomies

  • Superior shaft construction maintains stable curve and shaft performance

  • Opens straight and curls more to facilitate placement with outstanding stability against myocardium

  • MPD-L Off-set curve for placing loop in the tricuspid annulus for mapping accessory pathways for WPW syndrome and in the Cavo-Tricuspid isthmus (CTI) for atrial flutter

  • 60mm fap provides concentration of electrodes in CTI as well as septal wall of HRA right atrium

CTI-Cath Duo-Decapolar Catheter Specifications:

  • 6F or 7F

  • 100cm length

  • 20 electrodes

  • MPD-H 5mm, 2-5-2mm, 2-8-2mm, 2-10-2mm, 2-8-2-..60..-2-8-2

  • MPD-L 2-8-2mm

  • Requires 2ea 901957 210cm decapolar cables

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CTI CATH™ Duo-decapolar Catheters