Steerable PV Diagnostic Catheters

PV Deca Side View
PV Deflecting Catheter 2 JPEG
PV Deca Side Photo

Steerable PV Diagnostic Catheters

  • Excellent for creating the left atrial geometry with 3D mapping systems

  • Catheters deflect a full 180 degrees for access to the RIPV

  • Allows for excellent stability at the PV

  • Ball tip helps prevent the chance for perforations & allows for clockwise and counter clockwise rotation of catheter

  • Superior shaft construction helps maintain stable curve and shaft performance

  • Catheters available in 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 21mm & 24mm sizes

PV Diagnostic Catheters

  • 7F Shaft

  • 110cm length

  • 10 & 20 electrode catheters available

  • PV Curve

  • Cables – 901956 cable for the Deca & 2ea 901957 for the Duo-Deca Catheters