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PV Deca Catheter Side View

Our Technology

Reshaping the standard for catheter performance.

Access Point Technologies offers a complete line of advanced EP Diagnostic & Ablation Catheters, made with the latest materials and technology for unmatched performance and durability. Map-iT® Catheters can be used in the evaluation and treatment of a variety of cardiac arrhythmias from endocardial and intravascular sites.




*Caution: Limited by Federal (or United States) Law - not available for sale within the United States.

Map-iT® Catheter

MAP-iT Catheter Cross section

Inner & outer layers melded resulting in true 1 to 1 Torque.

Competitor catheter cross section

Competitor Catheter

Inner and outer layers remain separate. Layers can slip on each other resulting in poor torque and distortion.

Key Features

  • Proprietary catheter shaft specific to Map-iT® catheters allows for superb torque control and push-ability that does not change the procedure

  • Smooth shaft-electrode interface for excellent recording quality

  • Ergonomic piston handle for smooth, consistent deflection to minimize hand fatigue

  • Variable electrode spacing for optimum pacing and recording based on physician needs

  • Proprietary manufacturing platform enables a large variety of catheter configurations to better accommodate physician preferences and patient needs

  • Platinum iridium electrodes for high quality signals

Medical Team

Our Team

150+ Years

of Combined Experience

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