Reshaping the standard for catheter performance

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Improved Access

Easily reach difficult anatomical areas and small structures

Superior Contact

Perform precise movements to map efficiently

Consistent Performance

Catheters hold their shape and maintain torqueability and pushability


The Map-iT® Advantage

APT EP Map-iT® Catheters Shaft

Inner & outer layers are melded together resulting in true 1 to 1 torque.

Competitive Device Catheter Shaft

Inner and outer layers can separate over time resulting in poor torque and distortion.

Proprietary electrode attachment technique without use of polyurethane glue to seal the edges brings the shaft material level with the electrodes.

Benefits include:

  • Smooth electrode-shaft transition to help prevent snagging

  • Provides outstanding electrode-tissue contact for excellent signal quality

  • May help prevent catheter entrapment on sheaths


Proprietary electrode attachment technique with use of polyurethane glue to seal the edges develops uneven surfaces between electrodes and the shaft material.

Drawbacks include:

  • Uneven electrode-shaft transition may cause snagging

  • Glue bumps may prevent electrodes from completely contacting tissue

  • May cause catheter entrapment on sheaths


APT EP Map-iT® Catheters feature a proprietary handle technology which allows for fine and precise catheter tip movements. 

Benefits include:

  • Easy and smooth actuation for deflection

  • Ergonomic piston design - less stress on physician’s thumbs