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T3-VT Tri-Deca
Diagnostic Catheter

30, 1mm electrodes provide a precise, signal rich environment for PVC and VT mapping. Available in MPD-B or MPD-D Curve. 1mm or 1.5mm Inter-Electrode Spacing.

T3 VT 2.png

CS Navigator™ Catheter

Innovative technology allows signal acquisition from much more distal, smaller vascular branches not previously accessible.

Active Guide-Tip Deca 2-2-2  tip

Guidewire Tip 4/3.3F Diagnostic Catheter

Cannulate Deep into the CS & it’s side branches - Ideal for Vein of Marshall Mapping.

4/3.3F 2mm Spacing Catheter

HIS-RV™ Catheter

Simultaneous HIS and RVA Recording with a single catheter.

HIS-RV Catheter

CS Reach™ Catheter

3-D Curve allows for anchoring of the catheter in the CS once it is positioned giving location stability.

CS Reach Catheter

CTI-Cath™ Catheters

Simultaneous RA-CS Recording, excellent for differential pacing for bi-directional block confirmation.

CTI Duo Catheter

Steerable PV Diagnostic  Catheters

Deflect 180° for access to the RIPV, allows for excellent stability at the PV

PV Deca Flexed Tip

Ablation Catheters*

Excellent torque and push-ability, deflects more than 180°, full range of curves available in TC and TH versions.

Ablation Catheter Flexed

Map-iT Extension Cables

Designed to connect the catheters to the appropriate electrode interface in the electrophysiology lab.


Key features

  • Guided channel for a fast, convenient connection

  • Push button release

  • Terminal pins labeled with grey characters

Cable Connector
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